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Why "The Naive Sage"?

My "Why," August 2nd, 2020

The Naive Sage is an oxymoron that emphasizes our naivety to the world, while also embracing our innate wisdom. As humans, we are constantly being introduced to new ideas or realities, but it is also important to be cognizant of our own strengths. A naive sage embraces the strength in approaching the world with naivety and knowledge.

My Latest YouTube Video

My Most Recent YouTube Video!

This yoga class is designed to help you use your core, practice balance, get your digestive system going, and get some light cardio in!

Click here to see it on my YouTube Channel.

Yoga Projects

My current yoga projects are private instruction, group classes, and YouTube.

My YouTube Channel is designed be an informative channel that answers yoga questions, and offers yoga classes for people that live a busy lifestyle, or are not able to take an in-person class with me. Click here to see my YouTube Channel.

A private yoga session allows you to get one on one guidance to enhance your practice, or begin a yoga practice. I meet you where you are at in your practice as we work towards your health, fitness, and personal goals. Click here to learn more.

A group class allows you to get instruction by me in a public setting. This is ideal if you enjoy the camaraderie of group classes. Classes that I curently offer are Yoga Fundamentals, Intuitive Yoga Flow, and Yin Yoga. Click here to see my current yoga classes.

Coding Projects

My current coding projects are Joji and StockBuddy.

Joji is a Mobile application designed to optimize productivity and wellness for individuals in the tech field through the pomodoro studying technique, 20-20-20 rule for vision, and other features. I plan on doing this project in Swift.

Stock Buddy involves using a machine-learning application that analyzes stock price trends for any company over the past 10 years and estimates what the current stock price will be on a given date. This project is being done in Python, TensorFlow, and Keras.

If you are interested in my current or previous coding projects please refer to my GitHub.

About Me

I am a yoga instructing computer programmer! I am passionate about promoting wellness, and improving our quality of life.

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